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Begin Your Training

Push hands To let Yoda know you are ready to begin your Jedi training follow this procedure:
1) Press and hold both Yoda’s hand switches simultaneously.
2) Yoda will say: "Concentrate you will this pattern will you follow".
3) Yoda will then tell you to go to "ready position", once you are in "ready position", Yoda will then give you a series of lightsaber moves to follow.
4) As you perform each move Yoda will tell you if it is correct. You must wait for Yoda to tell you each move is correct before proceeding to Lightsaberthe next move. Therefore if Yoda says: "Strike up left, Strike down right" you must perform the "Strike up left" move, wait for Yoda to tell you that you have done it correctly and then do the "Strike down right" move.
5) You must keep your thumb in the thumb slot of the lightsaber at all times while doing the training or else the lightsaber will not work properly.
****When you are doing lightsaber training it is critical that Yoda is facing you. It is best if Yoda is facing you while sitting on a table. Then you should stand between 2 and 3 feet away from the table.
You can also let Yoda know you want to go into the training mode when Yoda wakes up. When Yoda wakes up, he will say: "Begin we will Wake Up! your Jedi training" OR "Resume we will your Jedi training." Pass your hand in front of Yoda’s light sensor and Yoda will then know you want to train.
****HELPFUL TIP: Lightsaber training is similar to following a pattern in a game like Simon. Simply remember each pattern Yoda gives you and then repeat it using the lightsaber.
In the first level of training, the patterns will be short and easy. As you progress through the training and advance your levels, the patterns will get longer and more challenging.
****IMPORTANT NOTE: When you have advanced to the highest level, Jedi Master, Yoda will offer a special higher level of training. This level is "Master Level" and is how you maintain your skills as a Jedi Master. When you reach this level, Yoda will create unique lightsaber patterns for you to train with. Each pattern will be different so that your training will continue to be fun and challenging!
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