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Interactive Yoda User's Guide (YodaJeff's Interactive Yoda Page)

Game 1: Yoda Says

To play "YODA SAYS", you must first get Yoda’s attention. To begin the game, do the following actions:
1) Cover his light sensor, wait until he stops speaking and moving.
2) Press his left hand switch and release, wait until he stops speaking and moving.
3) Press his right hand switch and release, wait until he stops speaking and moving.
4) Cover his light sensor.
If you do the pattern correctly to get Yoda to play the game, he will say "Concentrate you will this pattern you will follow", then you will know he is ready to play.
Once he is ready to play, he will begin to tell you which pattern to repeat. Yoda can make patterns up to 16 actions! See if you can do all 16! If you master one pattern, Yoda will make up another new pattern so you can play again and again.
During this game, Yoda will tell you which activities to do and then you have to repeat them. For example, he may say, "left hand, right hand, Force, tilt". Press his left hand, press his right hand, cover his light sensor and then tilt him side to side. As you do each of these, he will say a special message to let you know that you have done the correct action. The special messages are:
1) for LEFT HAND, he will say "left"
2) for RIGHT HAND, he will say "right"
3) for FORCE, he will say "Force"
4) for TILT, he will groan
When you hear him say these messages, you know you have done the correct action! The first game pattern will have 4 actions to repeat. If you do the pattern correctly, Yoda will reward you by telling you that you have done well. Then he will add one more action to the pattern. If you do not do the pattern correctly, he will tell you and you have to start again with a new pattern.
**** NOTE: When you want to play this game, it is important that you wait for Yoda to stop moving and speaking after each action before doing the next action. Therefore, to get to play, after you press his right hand, wait for him to stop moving before you press the left hand. Then after you press the left hand, wait until he stops moving and speaking before you cover his light sensor, and so on.
**** HELPFUL TIP: If you want to play the game and follow the pattern and Yoda does not say "Concentrate you will this pattern you will follow", he is not paying attention to you. You will then have to get his attention so he knows you want to play. To do this, simply pick him up and gently tilt him side to side once or twice. Then try again to play. Yoda will then pay better attention.

When you are done playing YODA SAYS, simply pick Yoda up and turn him upside down and he will say "finished now we are no more will we do" so you will know he is finished playing.

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