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February 2002 News Archive

February 1:
What is that thing around Yoda's neck?
Episode II - Trailer D

February 28:
Yoda's former apprentice
Episode II Yoda - transportation

February 21:
More Episode II Yoda tidbits

February 13:
Happy Valentines Day

February 11:
More on Episode II Yoda prop replica
Yoda LEGO pictures from the Toy Fair

February 10:
Yoda from last night's Simpsons episode

February 9:
Images of the Episode II Yoda action figure
Reference to Yoda on tonight's Simpson's episode

February 7:
Yoda vs. Gandolf
Another day, another board game

February 6:
Yoda to appear on another board game box
Cheerios, Nascar, and Yoda

February 5:
Yoda to appear on Episode II board game boxes

February 4:
Frank Oz to speak at Yale

February 2:
Picture of Episode II LEGO Yoda
Episode II Topps promo cards

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