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April 2002 News Archive

April 30:
Star Wars Celebration 2
Attack of the Clones section update - the past, present, and future

April 21:
April 23 - Yoda collectibles checklist
Attack of the Clones section updated
Yoda on the cover of Time
Yoda on potato chip bags
Yoda on the cover of What Satellite TV magazine
Yoda in Episode 2 TV commercial
Episode 2 Visual Dictionary Yoda information

April 20:
Attack of the Clones section updated

April 18:
Episode 2 TV Commercial - brought to you by LucasFilm
Episode 2 Promotional Concepts

April 16:
Hasbro Deluxe Yoda figure
Life-Size Episode 2 replica and bust
Yoda on a bag of Lays potato chips
Yoda "highly probable" to be released April 23
Attack of the Clones "starring" Yoda
Yoda display in Wal-Mart

April 14:
Possible Episode II life-size Yoda
Attack of the Clones section updated
Hasbro Yoda figure to appear April 23? Maybe
Samuel L. Jackson mentions Yoda

April 13:
Yoda on Futurama tonight
More Episode 2 Yoda pictures and collectibles
It was in my hand
UCS Lego Yoda at Wal-Mart
Yoda on another comic cover

April 3:
Yoda and the Force
The Funkhousers

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