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Review of the Yoda Giga-Pet (

Review of the Yoda Giga-Pet

Yoda Giga-pet in the boxYoda Giga-pet in action The Yoda Star Wars Giga Friend operates very similar to a Giga Pet. It is quite interesting. For food, you can give him soup or food sticks. Instead of you playing with him, he trains you in the ways of the Jedi. You can train in lifting things with your mind, using the Force to guess, or train yourself in reflexes. To lift things, you must quickly press the left and right buttons. The higher you get the rock, the happier Yoda will be. For reflexes, you look at shapes in a sequence. As soon as Yoda beeps, you must press enter. The faster you do so, the happier Yoda will be. For the guessing game, you look at 2 shapes. 1 is hidden. You scroll through the different shapes until you find the one you want to guess. The hidden shape is uncovered. If it matches, Yoda will be happy. If it does not, he is sad. To clean, you can sweep out his hut. You can also choose the question function, and he will give you wise answers. You can also put him to sleep. I would give the Yoda Giga Friend a 10 out of 10.

Note: This review wasn't written by YodaJeff, so it may not reflect his exact thoughts.

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