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Use Policy

Updating or deleting files from this website ("hacking") without being YodaJeff is strictly unauthorized. An exception of this is the guestbook, which can be signed once or twice, but if it is signed more that that, it will fall under the "hacking" or "flooding" category. This is to let you know what you can use off of my page to yours, and how to credit me. I don't need to give you permission, just make sure that you read this whole page. Anyone caught "hacking" or "flooding" or any of the pages found therein will be punished to the maximum extent under law

Visitors to this site are accessing a private computer. Unauthorized access or use is not permitted and constitutes a crime punishable by law. (18USC 1030)

You can use any of my pictures, just don't use them all. If you use more than a few, please give a link saying that the pictures were found at YodaJeff's Yoda Page. If you use my pictures, please save them onto your computer, then upload them to your page. Don't link to my pictures and claim them to be yours. This way, my site can keep going as fast as possible. Please don't use my background image on your site, as it took me long hours to make. If I see it on your page, I will politely ask you to remove it, and then I will take further actions. Please let me know if you know anyone who is using my stuff without correctly linking back. Most of my information has been found off of other pages. If I credit someone else, credit them too, since they did all of the work. Credit the original authors if they appear, since they wrote the articles, not me. I just have compiled everything together.

It has come to my attention that other websites have been linking directly to my images, whether using the image on their page, or providing a link directly to the image. If you do this, you must upload the image to your own server. I will be taking measures in the future to block this type of linking. will work similar to Geocities or the majority of the other free hosts. As long as you are viewing my images from my site, you won't have a problem. When another site links directly to an image, it will cause an error, the image will not be displayed, and it will be logged. My host sets bandwidth limits for me, and I want to ensure that bandwidth isn't eaten away by others linking directly to images, sound or video clips.

Thanks, and good luck!

This policy is subject to update without any prior notice.

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