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Review of the Yoda - Dagobah transforming playset (

Review of the Yoda - Dagobah transforming playset

Maker: Galoob
Suggested Retail Price: $14.99

Yoda / Dagobah Transforming Playset

That's Using Yoda's Head

The Force will be with you when you get a hold of the latest Galoob Micro Machine Star Wars toy.

All of the action in this compact playset takes place inside Yoda's head. It sounds weird, but it's actually pretty cool. There are 12 other transforming action sets in this series. Some of the others include Darth Vader/Besbin, Stoormtrooper/Death Star, Boba Fett/Cloud city, and the Jabba/Mos Eisley Spaceport.

Okay, I confess. I picked this one to review because I'm a big Yoda fan. The action set comes in a box depicting various scenes from the second Star Wars Movie, The Empire Strikes Back.

When Luke crash-landed his X-Wing Starfighter into the swamp on planet Dagobah, he and his robot buddy R2-D2 met the powerful Yoda. This scene from the movie is replicated in this toy.

The Yoda Transforming Action Set is extremely easy to put together. First, snap the Yoda face into the two slots near his neck and you're already halfway done. Second, turn the box so you can see the rear diagram showing how the pieces are to be placed inside.

Place the Luke-in-training-gear figure in a slot along the back wall, move a lever behind the wall, and suddenly Luke and his equipment appear to levitate.

Next, it's the battle between good and evil with a lightsaber duel between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The duel is probably the neatest part of this toy. And, more importanely, you can play the duel by yourself or with a friend. I was by myself on this one.

If you've already placed all of the mini-figures in their proper slots, then you're ready to go. Grab hold of - get this - Yoda's ears and wiggle them back and forth to make Luke and Vader move. It's very simple. After you've positioned the mini figures you're ready to let your imagination soar and re-create the various scenes from The Empire Strikes Back.

As the battle of the lightsabers begins you'll notice that Luke's blue saber actually whacks Vader in the head. It's so funny. I loved it! My battle continued. After moving Yoda's ears back and forth four or five times Luke knocked down Darth Vader and sent him flying into the swamp.

Everything worked out great except when Luke and Vader battled, the entire action set shook and it sent R2-D2 flying off his shelf and Obi-Wan Kenobi's spirit moved back a little bit. However, all of this is minor stuff. Did I have fun? Yes. Was it easy to put together? Yes. Will some people think I'm a little wacky? Yes, but who cares, I'm a Star Wars fan. I thought this toy was a lot of fun and that's all that matters.

By the way, after you've finished closing up Yoda's head, the toy looks great on a desk or shelf. A definite thumbs up on this one.

-Doug Kale

Rating System
* * * * *.......Wow, toy perfection
* * * *..........Toy box stardom
* * *.............Better than average
* *................Hope you got the clearance price
*...................Next stop: Island of misfit toys

Fun Factor........* * * * *
Quality..............* * * *
Durability..........* * * * *
Collectibility......* * * * *
Does it work?...* * * *
Overall..............* * * *

From Beckett's Hot Toys Magazine July 1998
Check out Beckett's Web Site at

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