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Custom and Bootleg toys (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Custom and Bootleg toys

Santa Yoda (Yoda Claus) figures and accessories
Santa Yoda (Yoda Claus)
Carded Santa Yoda (Yoda Claus) with cloth outfit

Translucent Spirit of Yoda figures
Translucent Yoda
Spirit of Yoda
Carded Spirit of Yoda

12 inch line figures and accessories
12 inch line Yoda
12 inch line backpack for Yoda

Episode I figures and accessories
Yoda with Booda
Yoda and Yaddle
POTF paint variation

Misc. figures
Yoda Lego figure

Bootleg figures
Hungarian bootlegs
Bootleg Yoda on Luke card
Bootleg Yoda on Luke Dagobah card
Polish bootlegs on Luke cards

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