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Alleged plots to Star Wars: Episode I (Prophets of the Force) (

Alleged plots to Star Wars: Episode I (Prophets of the Force)

I realize that Episode I has come and gone, but it's still interesting to see what people tought would happen. This one is actually kinda close to what eventually resulted.
Thirty two years prior to Star Wars: A New Hope, an nine-year-old Anakin Skywalker (the future Darth Vader) learns the ways of the Force from a young Jedi Knight named Ben "Obi-Wan" Kenobi and his mentor, the Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn.

Evil creatures known as the Nimoudians, led by the evil Darth Maul, invade the planet Naboo and capture its capital city. The young queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala, flees her world and seeks help from the Jedi Knights. One third of the film takes place on Tatooine (the future home of Luke Skywalker), including scenes where Anakin takes part in a death-defying "pod race" run by none other than Jabba the Hutt. After Anakin wins the race, Obi-Wan and Master Jinn lead Anakin off Tatooine on "some damned-fool, idealistic crusade" to win the planet Naboo back for young queen Padme Amidala. Anakin is the hero of this climactic battle.

Here is the infamous "Knights of the Republic" script treatment that contains many, many spoilers. Read at your own peril.



'A long, LONG time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.'


For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights have been guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic of over a thousand worlds.

Two of those worlds, Naboo and Nimoudia, stand on the brink of war over a technology that can save both dying races. The Republic is powerless to stop the crisis.

Unbeknowest to all, the Nimoudians have very powerful, evil allies - who are willing to do whatever it takes to plunge the galaxy into chaos . . .


The darkness of space is pierced by illuminating stars. Peace, calmness, quietness are shattered as the camera is panned down to reveal spacecraft attacking the serene planet of Naboo. Naboo is one of the founding members of the Republic, it is the symbolic heart and soul. The attacking forces are the Nimoudians, carrying hatred through their long standing blood feud. Naboo and Nimoudia are cousin worlds, both evolving from the same people, but after millennia, each system has changed dramatically from each other. Now, they partake in a trade war. Both were former partners in a successful military and financial trading Federation, now they are bitter enemies. Both races are gradually dying from genetic degradation and a certain technology that the Naboo posses is what the Nimoudians will kill for . . . . .


The camera zooms below the clouds, and follows parallel with the deep, pristine, sapphire blue ocean. It comes to a stop at Hever Castle, located at the centre of Theed, capital of Naboo. The castle walls are covered with crawling ivy, and the light shines warmly and softly upon the grey / brown structure. Ancient runes and symbols adorn the magnificent structure. Various landspeers of different shape, colour and size are moving arround the place. The populace are wearing bright, vibrant flowing clothes. There is an aura of tranquility and contentness enveloping the city.


Today was meant to be a happy day for Princess Padme Neberrie Amidala (Natalie Portman) whose coronation ceremony as Queen has been delayed by the sudden attack. An enchanting young girl, already showing signs of blossoming into a sensual, exotic, darkhaired beauty. By contrast she has, however, the reserve, political acumen, poise and bearing of a queen and ruler, together with a natural wisdom and sensitivity that cannot be taught. A strong, spirited and highly intelligent girl, she is quick to learn the principles of justice and honor. She is a great leader and it is apparent to all. Alone in her room, the young girl radiates the feeling of strength and leadership, although there is a shade of sadness in her eyes, she is very lonely. Her eyes wander her grand bedroom, and focus on the massive painting of her dead parents, Kayos and Breha, killed a year before in a tragic ambush by the Nimoudians. As tears fill her eyes, she notices another mural adorning her wall, a picture of the Jedi Knights. Hope fills her once again.



Purposefully, Padme walks out of her room, and down a corridor that enters into a spacious audience chamber. Royal Guards dressed in a ceremonial blue uniform and helmet stand alert at each doorway. She calls a meeting of her advisers, which include Sache (Sofia Coppola), Eirtae (Friday Wilson), Rabe (Christina Da Silva) and Yane. 100 women of the Royal Parliament are present. Sio Bibble (Oliver Ford Davies), the first minister of Naboo consults with Padme. Sio Bibble urges Padme to wait, he believes that the Nimoudian forces are not strong enough to launch a full scale invasion of Naboo. Padme reluctantly agrees, but after a few precious minutes waiting, a voice over the loudspeaker informs that the Nimoudian forces are gaining momentum. Sio Bibble advisers her to go to Coruscant, and seek the help of the Senate, but she decides instead to go to Tatooine, the now home of Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson - pronounced Key Gon-Jinn), who was former Jedi Knight stationed on Naboo. Padme walks up into a balcony, and informs the populace of mixed news. She urges them to resist at all cost, and fight for their homes. She tells them that she has to leave, but she will be back, with the help of the Jedi Knights.



Urgently, Panaka (Hugh Quarshire), Captain and pilot to the Royal family, bursts into the chamber and informs all that the Nimoudian battle droids, led by OOM-9 have penetrated the defensive line. The droids are tall, thin and can shape change at will. They have long bead like braids flowing from their skull. Also, in complement to the skeletal droids, are small battle droids that roll into combat and open up, to reveal a small insect like droid that has blasters on it's hands. Padme, realising she must go, takes her little sister Princess Ellie (Madison Llyod) by the hand, joins Panaka and they run to the 'Mare Celeste', the large chrome plated Royal Yacht. The yacht is extremely large, it's cockpit only seats two however, and is very pointed. It's chrome hull reflects nearly everything around it, while it's interior is pristine white. Manoeuvring through the city spires and dodging enemy fire from the enemy hover tanks, the duo successfully enter the outer atmosphere, into space, and jump to lightspeed . . . . .



Tatooine. A desolate planet, burning sands made hotter by twin burning Suns. The camera pans down to a small village, the new frontier town of Mos Espa. We view a motley crew of aliens, scum of the galaxy, in a almost comical regal ceremony. A Bith band plays in the background. On a dais, is the crime lord Jabba the Hutt, surrounded by various aides and confidants. Jabba speaks in Huttese, and a protocol droid (John Fensom) translates 'let the race begin'. The contestants in the pod race, all slaves of Jabba the Hutt, reluctantly salute their master. One by one, the contestants make final adjustments to their pod, a small hover craft that is propelled by a large turbine engine. A small young boy, eight years old looks confident with his craft, and enters his cockpit. A woman in the grandstand, Shmi Skywalker (Pernilla August) yells to her son "Good luck Anakin". Anakin Skywalker (Jake Llyod) turns toward his mother and smiles. The affection between the two is obvious. Anakin is a handsome young boy with extraordinary charm. He has a vulnerability and earnestness that makes him totally disarming. His amazing aptitude for things mechanical together with his quick wit and physical fitness make him a natural pilot at an early age, with exceptional talent. Anakin's resourceful imagination and inventive mind already set him apart from others. Sebulba (CGI Character), a street punk who is the head bartender at 'Sebulba's Cafe' (financed and controlled by Jabba the Hutt), cautiously sneaks his way behind Anakin's pod, and makes some adjustments of his own, causing sabotage.

Jabba the Hutt holds his illegal annual pod race as a huge betting event that he holds for his fellow Hutts and other shady criminal bosses. All his contestants are his slaves, and he rewards the winner with his freedom, and a prize from his underling Watto's junk shop.



With a shot of a blaster the race begins. The noise of the engines is tremendous, the pod's race out of the skirts of Mos Espa, and head out into the Dune Sea. The race is evenly matched, Anakin starts to notice problems with his Pod, but his superior piloting skills compensate for the setback. The pod's turn a corner and head into Beggar's Canyon, where they face further problems. A group of Sand People from high above, fire there blaster rifles at the group. One unlucky pilot - Mawhonic, is hit, and his pod is set crashing into the canyon wall that leaves a long skidding burn. Anakin, who is nearly hit by the out of control craft, and also by a blast from the Sand People, manoeuvres through all obstacles with skill beyond his age, and even flies through the legendary, and almost impossible 'eye of the needle'. Two aliens situated in a box high above the grandstand give a colourful commentary of the race (Greg Proops and Scott ?). With some smoke pouring through his engines from the sabotage, Anakin finally hits the home front, and limps across the finish line to mixed cheers and jeers from the crowd. A few Hutt's scowl as they lose money on the young boy, while others give a low hoot with laughter, as their gamble has payed off. Anakin jumps out of the Pod, and walks to the foot of the dais. Jabba chuckles with amusement at the small boy. 'Your skill has granted your freedom, your are at your pleasure to go when you are ready.' A mixed reaction of emotions fills Anakin's face. He knows he cannot leave while his mother is still a slave, so he decides to stay, although, all is not lost, he still can claim the second part of his prize, something from Watto's junk shop. Anakin proudly walks to his mother, and his friend Kitster, and they go back to Sebulba's Cafe to celebrate. The scene ends when the camera pans to a hooded man looking on very interested in the events that have just panned out. He lifts his hood, to reveal the rugged features of the venerable Jedi Knight, Qui-Gon Jinn.



The screen dissolves to a scene of the Mos Espa street. Anakin is talking to Jira (Margaret Towner - Thompson), a child friend of his who runs a fruit stand. Anakin is telling Jira all about the race, and his prize. Walking at a distance, the Tatooine Jedi Qui-Gon Jinn observes Anakin. Anakin walks across the street, and enters Watto's junk shop. Watto (CGI Character) is a bug like alien, who flitters around his shop. He is blue, and flaps his wings when he talks. He acts like a used car salesman. 'OK, OK boy, hurry up and choose, I do have paying customers!'. Anakin scans the room, most of what he sees is old scrap. Wald (Warwick Davis) assistant to Watto, sneers at the young boy. A few Jawa's enter the store and admire all what they see. Anakin, feeling that his prize is worthless, is nearly disheartened, until he spots out of the corner of his eye, a blue R2 droid (Kenny Baker), attempted to be concealed at the back of the room. Eagerly, Anakin points to the droid, and confidently says 'That's what I want'. Watto, looking flustered, mumbles under his breath, but not wanting to upset his boss Jabba by denying the boy, reluctantly tells the droid to go with the boy. The droid gives a whistle, and follows the boy, who is beaming from ear to ear.

Again, Anakin pays a visit to Jira, and shows her the new Droid. Another child of the area, named Seek (Oliver Walpole), spots Anakin with the R2 droid. Seek, not knowing of the pod race win, confronts Anakin about the droid. Seek taunts Anakin, teasing him about how that they are poor, slaves, and can't possibly own a droid. Angry, Anakin is filled with rage, and using the Force, pushes Seek far across the road, slamming him into a wall. Anakin is dumbfounded with what he has done. Equally shocked is Seek, who groggily gets to his feet, and runs away in fear.

Qui-Gon Jinn sees this as his moment to act. He walks up to the boy and introduces himself. Anakin is nervous at first, but the older man's friendly demeanour settles him. Qui-Gon Jinn explains to him about the nature of the Force, and what he just did. Qui-Gon Jinn is 6'5". He has longish slightly greying hair and a short slightly greying beard. He wears dark brown pants, and the sleeves of his shirt are big and loose, and the top section comes down to about mid-thigh. His boots look dark brown, almost black, and he wears his boots over the pants. He tells Anakin about the difference between the dark and light side, and tries to teach him a code of ethics. Anakin is interested with what he has to say, but a loud ringing of bells signals that he must return to his quarters or face punishment. He farewells the burly Jedi, and runs home, with R2 in tow.



Events have been transpiring at a rate faster than expected for Qui Gon-Jinn, who was stationed here on Tatooine as a 'special assignment' for the Jedi Council. Qui-Gon Jinn enters his small abode, hidden in the dunes outside of Mos Espa. Qui-Gon Jinn contacts the Jedi Council via Holonet, and informs them of the slaves run by the Hutt syndicate, and also about the suprise of a young boy who has obvious latent force ability, who he recommends for consideration to be trained in the order of the Jedi. The council listens very carefully, and terminates the discussion with Qui-Gon Jinn, as they make their leave to go to their council room to discuss matters further.



The Jedi Council meets in a large spire that transcends into the clouds in the capital planet of the Republic - Coruscant, the bright centre of the universe. The Jedi have been the guardians of justice and peace for over a thousand generations. 12 Jedi Masters make up the council, which include Yoda (Frank Oz), Yaddle and Mace Windu. Yaddle is of the same species as Yoda, although he is pink skinned, is missing one eye, larger than Yoda, has droopy ears and wears a brown cloak. They regulate the Jedi, and punish Dark Jedi. One of the most powerful Jedi on the council is a woman. They all sit around a circular table, and they come to a consensus. The call for one of the Jedi Apprentices - Obi Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor). Obi Wan enters the room, and is informed by the council of his mission - to join with Qui-Gon Jinn, and help him free the slaves on Tatooine. Obi Wan sports a spiky hairstyle (short, sticking up hair on top), a short pony tail, and a dreadlock running behind his right ear down to his shoulder. This mission will be his last on his coming of age as an apprentice, and will mark his rites of passage on to full status as a Jedi Knight. Obi Wan gladly accepts, he longs for an idealistic crusade. One final warning from Yoda, (who has not fought for 300 years, spending his time training Jedi), his master during his training. 'Reckless, be not. Patience, learn you have. May the force be with you'. Mace Windu (Samuel L. Jackson) also gives him encouragement with the same traditional parting words. Obi Wan, lets a smile form on his face, as Yoda shakes his head in a mix of amusement and dismay.



Back on Tatooine, Anakin and his mother Shmi are sharing dinner in their humble quarters. Shmi tells him that he should of taken his chance and left Tatooine, but Anakin tells her that he couldn't leave without her. Shmi smiles at her son, and holds his hand. Anakin also tells her about his meeting with Qui-Gon Jinn, and what he told him. Shmi looks unsettled, and tells him how his Father Kane was a great Jedi, but he and Anakin's older brother Deak died to the hands of a Sith lord. Shmi tells Anakin of his heritage and the great Skywalker family line that has been strong in the Force for generations. Shmi is afraid for her son, and doesn't want him to face danger, and fall the same destiny as his father. Anakin, is in a daze, for his mind is swimming of all of the information that he has learned that day, wanders back to his bedroom, and tinkers with R2. His eyes look out of his window, and towards the twin setting suns . . .



Meanwhile, as the suns set, a ship lands on Tatooine. It is a newly built YT-1300 Corellian freighter. A ramp is lowered, and Obi Wan walks down the ramp, and sets foot on Tatooine for the first time. With confidence, he walks to find his friend, Qui-Gon Jinn. The meeting is a joyous one, as the old friends embrace each other. Qui-Gon Jinn was the Jedi that discovered Obi Wan's gifts, and introduced him to the Force. He is his mentor and guide, but he had to hand over his training to Yoda, when he was stationed on Tatooine. A gleam of mischief fills the eyes of the mature soul of Qui-Gon Jinn, as he ignites his lightsaber and swings at Obi Wan. Obi Wan ducks, ignites his lightsaber also with a smile on his face, and the two blades clash. A few strokes and swings between the two ensue, and Qui-Gon Jinn gives a satisfied chuckle and deactivates his blade, as does Obi Wan. 'Your Skills are nearly complete Obi Wan. You'll soon be a full Jedi'. Obi Wan is content with his friend and mentor's praise. They both fill each other up to date on what is happening, and devise a plan to free the slaves, and rescue Anakin to take him back to Coruscant for training.



Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn decide to raid the slave quarters during the quietness of dawn. Using the Force, they subdue two Weequay guards, and enter the complex. Splitting up, they unlock all doors, and urge everyone to flee. Qui-Gon Jinn finds Anakin and Shmi and instructs them to follow him, and they both do without hesitation. The place is in a shambles, with various aliens, people and creatures running everywhere. Many Wookies howl with delight at their freedom. A number of Rodians and Sullustians dash for the outer walls, and try to escape. Jabba is awoken and is furious. He orders that the intruders be found and brought before him. One of the guards lets free Jabba's pet Krayt Dragon, and it surges forth from its captivity, bounding into the central courtyard, and attacking people at random. Obi Wan enters the courtyard, and sees the Krayt Dragon causing havoc. He ignites his lightsaber, which emanates a blue hue, and charges towards the fearsome beast just as he is about to devour a large alien. Obi Wan is matched evenly with the beast, until Qui-Gon Jinn enters the courtyard and helps his younger friend to slay the beast. The alien that was nearly the next meal, stands erect, nearly eight foot tall. The Jedi duo find the strange alien amusing, as he makes weird signs and noises. He points to Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn "Jar Jar, friend Jar Jar, thanks". Obi Wan laughs and comments to Qui-Gon Jinn that the alien is even harder to understand than Yoda. Jar Jar Binks (CGI character, voiced and based on the movements of Ahmed Best) joins the Jedi, and vows to walk always with his new friends. The colours of Jar Jar's clothing are a combination of white, red and pink. Anakin finds one his other younger friends, Kitster (Dhruv Chanchani), and grabs him by the arm, and takes him with him. The group are about to make thier way through the gates, when a stray blaster shot hits Shmi in the leg, causing her to fall. The others, ahead of her now, turn as they hear her scream. Anakin cries to his mother, and goes to run to her, but Qui-Gon Jinn holds him back, as a number of Jabba's henchmen surround Shmi, and rush her back into the barracks and seal her inside with other caught slaves trying to escape. Tears fill Anakin's eyes as he is forever separated from his mother, and he beats the chest of Qui-Gon Jinn in anger. Qui-Gon Jinn picks the boy up, and they all leave the quarters.



As events transpire, another ship lands on Tatooine, and the evil Darth Maul emerges. A Sith Lord, Darth Maul (Ray Park) was informed by an inside source in the Senate of the coming raid of the slave quarters, and he comes to prevent what is happening, as he has a vested interest in Jabba's operation . . . .



Darth Maul meets with Jabba at the smouldering ruins of the slave quarters. He is a thin, athletic man 30-35 years old. He carries a red double ended lightsaber whose handle is approximately 18 inches long and almost entirely brushed aluminium. It has a distinct division line in the middle. He uses this staff gracefully. He wears a black robe but it is light in appearance, like a silk kimono with a hood. The majority of his bald head is black. His face is red. The black juts into the red of his face in a very tribal/technological pattern... very symmetrical... very geometrical. His irises are primarily red with yellow streaks. His teeth are sharp and stained. He has 10 ivory coloured horns distributed over his cranium. 8 in a crown around his head and one on each temple. They are about an inch long and look like sharks teeth. The markings on his face integrate the front three horns into its design. He is energetic, fierce and unpredictable. He is fast, and uses the Dark Side, and likes it. Jabba is furious at the Jedi pair, and vow revenge on the whole Jedi order. Darth Maul contacts his master by Holonet, Darth Sidious, and informs him with what has happened. Darth Sidious bids his underling to stop the Jedi with all means possible, as this is a set back for their plans.



The group make haste and stop by Qui-Gon Jinn's small hut, as he has to pick up a few items before they leave. To everyone's suprise, a young girl is already there waiting for them. 'Padme - what are you doing here?' Qui Gon-Jinn asks in suprise. Padme fills them all with what has happened to Naboo, and Qui-Gon Jinn says there is no time to delay here, and they must go to Coruscant to consult with the Jedi Council and the Senate.

Captain Panaka takes Padme and some of the rescued slaves into the larger Royal Yacht, while Jar Jar joins with Anakin and the Jedi entourage. The 'Mare Celeste' takes blasts off, and Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan observe it as it heads for the safety of hyperspace. Qui-Gon Jinn senses a presence, and turns just in time to see Darth Maul somersault in front of him, into a battle stance. Qui-Gon Jinn ignites his lightsaber, which is highly polished, it's base ends with a small sphere, and it emanates a green hue. He orders Obi Wan to get Anakin back to the ship. Qui-Gon Jinn is in a hurry, and has no time to duel the dark warrior. Darth Maul ignites his lightsaber, whose handle is extra large. The two warriors fight, and Qui-Gon Jinn successfully pushes Darth Maul over a small cliff, but he is not fatally wounded. Qui-Gon Jinn feels no hatred for the Dark Jedi, as he is a master of the light side, and controls his anger, fear and agression. His aim is not to kill him, but to get him out of the way for now, as they have other more urgent matters on a galactic importance. A large sandstorm is heading towards Mos Espa, preventing any more resistance from Jabba and his henchmen. Qui-Gon Jinn races back to the ship, and they escape, their destination Coruscant . . . .



The Galactic Senate. A huge debate is in progress over what to do about the Naboo / Nimoudia situation. A podium stands alone, illuminated by one bright spotlight and surrounded by darkness. However, we get the feeling thousands of eyes are trained on this one podium. Valorum looks beleagured, and doesn't seem adept for the Senate Presidency. Palpatine is trying to keep both sides of the debate pleased, and he is aiming not to destabilise the behind the scenes contacts he is forming on his desire for Senate Presidency. Palpatine is like a barracuda, trying to get his way into office any way he can, but he uses decieving subtlety. Other Senators in the great hall, are Swokes Swokes, and Mot Notrab. Senators from the Corporate Sector support Bail Organa, as they secretly view that a war will be a financial winfall. The all important vote is held, and Palpatine's plan narrowly succeeds - only a small Jedi peace keeping force will go to Naboo . . .



The Jedi Council. Anakin and Padme stand outside the council chamber in the balcony, overlooking the metropolis of Coruscant, while the council is in Session. Anakin is still saddened by the loss of his mother. Padme takes him by the hand, and they talk about it. Padme tells him about the loss of her parents also. Both comfort each other by their respective loss, and a bonding is formed between the two. The two are beckoned inside. Padme is informed that her Senator, Palpatine has asked for only a small force of Jedi to go to Naboo. She looks confused, but agrees on the judgement of her elder Senator. While they make plans, Yoda, head of the council focuses on Anakin. Anakin looks uneasy, and Yoda questions him on if he wants to be a Jedi. Anakin finally lets all the emotion inside of him boil over and lets it all out. 'You cost me my mother!' he cries out in a mixture of anger and pain. Yoda looks disappointed. 'In him, indeed potential. Anger great in him though. He cannot be one of us.' Obi Wan looks on in disdain, and says that there is indeed hope for the boy, and if the council won't train him, than he will. Anakin looks at Obi Wan in affection, for someone is now taking a paternal interest in him.

Preparations are made, Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn are sent to complete the mission. Jar Jar and Padme goes with them, and Anakin stows away on the ship. During the journey, Padme decides that she never wants to be helpless ever again, and she wants to learn the ways of the Force, and become a Jedi. She takes Obi Wan Kenobi aside, and talks to him about her feelings.

Obi-Wan: This isn't about winning or being some great warrior. A Jedi fights only when there is no other way around it. But you seem to look for it, you have the heart and soul of a dark one.

Padme: Maybe my soul is dark but my heart isn't. The Nimoudians destroyed the only thing that ever really mattered to me. That is way I want to join you! That is why I want their blood on my blade!

Obi-Wan: You're too wreckless and too young, you don't understand now. You can't give in to the hate, it takes you in to the dark side and there, forever will you stay. Don't let the Nimoudians take you now like they did your others.

Padme: Your wrong, you don't understand. It's not about getting even with the Nimoudians it's more than that. You just couldn't understand, Qui-Gon has brain washed you and the others. Making you fight for this so called true Force.

Obi-Wan: Then make me understand.

Padme: I can't go on knowing that the Nimoudians are out there still unpunished. I dream every night of laying in the blood, bodies all round me! Watching my family, my friends, loved ones being killed right there in front of me! Hiding under the bodies so the troopers would'nt see me. I can't rise until the Nimoudians are drowing in their blood, begging me to finish them off. Those years haunt me every second they are alive.



Naboo . . . . The once pristine world is now in ruins. The Jedi ship descends through the clouds, and flies over the ocean. The Jedi knights frown in concentration, as they decide their next move. Anakin is discovered in the ship, to Qui-Gon Jinn's annoyance, but Obi Wan smiles in admiration for the boys courage. Jar Jar, who has been quiet for most of the journey, starts babbling loudly. 'Jar Jar home - home Jar Jar'. Everyone looks at him strangely, including Padme. Jar Jar grabs the controls, and to everyones dismay sends the ship into the ocean. Jar Jar dives into the water, and disappears from sight. Minutes pass, and the water starts to froth, as a craft emerges from the depths. A hatch is opened, and it is Jar Jar! He beckons everyone into the craft, and it descends below the waves. 'Jar Jar gungan Jar Jar'. The murky water, filled with the oils and blood of battle clears from view that reveals a beautiful city. Everyone gasps from amazement, including Padme, who had no idea that another race shared her planet. 'Otah Gunga Jar Jar home gungan' Jar Jar says with a smile. At the city centre, they are met by Boss Nass (Brian Blessed), the obese king of the Gungans. Also in the kings party is the tall Captain of the gurad, Tarpals, and the General of the army, Ceel. With translation problems, Padme and the Jedi Knights tell of what has been happening on the surface, and they now have a new ally in the battle - the Gungans! The Gungans appear gentle, friendly and aristocratic. They are covered in soft silver / grey fur, have large round eyes and a small bisected blow hole where the nose should be. They also have three small ponytale like beards on the chin, and their head is round and proportional, with their ears low on the head. They are big and streamlined.



Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn borrow a Gungan sub, and make their way back to Hever Castle via water ducts that lead right up to the castle walls. Anakin goes with them. The Gungan Subs are heart shaped and look very organic. They seat three in the cockpit. The plan is for a two pronged attack - the Gungans by sea, and the others will organise the other front - by air and raiding the castle itself. The two Jedi ignite their lightsabers and fight their way through the droids on guard. Nute Gunray (Silas Carson), leader of the Nimoudians is informed of intruders, and he instructs his men and war droids to stop them at all costs. The Nimoudians, although a cousin race to the Naboo, look vastly different now. Millenia of genetic degredation have left them looking mutant like, and this is part of the jealousy that they have towards the Naboo, who have retained their beautiful gentle form. The Nimoudians have large skulls, slightly protrouding low mouths, and red eyes. However their skin is greenish-gray and the eyes are veiny-red. Nute Gunray tells his assistant Rune Hako (Jerome Blake) not to fail him. Nute Gunray informs Darth Sidious of the events, the shadowy Dark Lord is behind the whole master plan. Padme leads them to the main holding cells, and they release what is left of the Naboo army.



The Naboo footsoldiers and pilots, led by Ric Olin (Ralph Brown) dart into the Hangar and open fire on the droids. The soldiers are covering the pilots who during this time are scrambling aboard the ships, yellow Z-1 fighters, in among heavy gun fire with explosions going off at the same time. Padme yells "Pilots to your ships". All of the pilots make it into their ships, and they yank their canopy shut by hand.



Naboo soldiers are running towards the large bay doors and the doors then slide open in front of them, revealing the presence of Darth Maul, who has come on the bidding of his master, Darth Sidious, and warnings from his ally, Nute Gunray. Darth Maul is just standing there wearing a large black cloak with a hood so you cant see his face. The soldiers turn and run away to the left and Darth Maul then lifts his hood down, revealing his red contact lensed eyes and horned head. He then proceeds to remove the whole cloak which drops to the floor and he is wearing a simple black suit. He unhooks his lightsaber handle from his belt which is about a foot long and holds it in front of him. This is the double headed lightsaber. He then spins it around him like a martial arts weapon and runs and leaps into the hanger from the doorway, to find and face Obi Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn.



Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn start to slice the battle droids with their lightsabers, whilst the foot soldiers give the pilots cover-fire. The R2 units are very confused, and keep bumping into the soldiers and pilots. Anakin and Bravo 5, a female pilot, (Celia Imrie) run towards two of the yellow ships. Bravo 5 jumps into hers, and Anakin (never having flown a ship before), takes cover in another empty one. Bravo 5 tells Anakin not to touch anything but to get in and hide.

Slightly later, when the pilots are in their ships are taking off, and most of the battle droids have been destroyed, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi Wan walk past Anakin's ship. Anakin asks if he can come down, but Qui-Gon Jinn in a very fatherly tone orders him to "Stay in the ship, you're safe in there!"

Anakin talks with R2, who has been accompanying him all along on the adventure. "R2, do something... what can we do... ahh... cool!... wizard!... good idea, guns...". At this point, Anakin's ship kills some more battle droids! He then flies out of the hanger, and looks out of his cockpit to see the new allies, the Gungans, firing from their subs out of the water at the Nimoudians.



Obi Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn finally meet up with Darth Maul, in a generator room leading from the main hanger, and a decisive lightsaber battle ensues. Maul ignites both ends of his lightsaber and uses it to great effect. In a bold move, Maul breaks his lightsaber in half, effectively making two, this sudden move throws the two Jedi off guard, and Maul lands a fatal blow to Qui-Gon Jinn. Obi Wan, horrified, yells for his fallen mentor and friend, fills with rage, and launches a furious attack on Darth Maul, finally getting the better of him, and cutting him down. Obi Wan deactivates his lightsaber, and falls to the floor at the crumpled body of his friend and tears fill his eyes.



Padme has made her way back into the grand audience chamber. The enormous hall is in shambles, with smoke filling the hall and bodies lying on the ground with blood splattered all around. Blaster fire is heard in the background. Padme sits in the throne. The last remaining ground troops of the Nimoudians burst into the chamber. Padme confidently declares "You have lost", and she presses a button on the chair, which arms it's defensive systems, shooting the troops with it's hidden blasters. Padme lets her shoulders slump, and she emits a sigh of relief, as she knows now that it is all over, she has rescued her home from her enemies, and all is safe. Padme hears movement, and she prepares for one last attack, but she is relieved to see that it is her little sister Ellie, and she runs up to Padme, sits on her lap, and they hold each other.


SCENE 25: SKY BATTLE. Meanwhile, Anakin, through his natural piloting talent, and with the the Force flowing through him, wins the sky battle for the Naboo, and when he lands, he remarks, "I'm not gonna get into trouble... am I?" and everyone laughs, and then applauds him.



Nute Gunray and Rune Hako are fleeing aboard a Nimoudian ship. They contact their master, Darth Sidious, and tell him of their failure, defeat, and the death of Darth Maul. The camera is now behind the form of Darth Sidious, he is talking to the two Nimoudians, and tells them that he will deal with them later. The transmission ends, and Darth Sidious turns around, lifts his hood to reveal the features of Senator Palpatine of Naboo!



It is a happy, joyous time for the people of Naboo. They are celebrating victory over the Nimoudian forces, and now, the coronation of Padme can finally conclude. Dignitaries from all over the galaxy attend the festival. Padme is wearing a blue dress, and her face is painted white, with a black tear drop under her left eye, and a red heart under her lips. Princess Ellie stands next to her older sister. Many Gungans are present, along with their king, Boss Nass. Obi Wan Kenobi cuts off one of his braids, and ties it into the hair of Anakin, now wearing similar clothing to the Jedi Knight, and this represents a symbol of the very close bond that is forming between the two. Queen Padme of Naboo stands regally from her throne, happy and content with her new friends. Obi Wan Kenobi is rewarded with the title of Lord Protector of Naboo by Queen Padme Naberrie Amidala. Padme takes Anakin by the hand. A group of representatives from the Senate witness the event. Bail Organa is there, and he has his protocol droid with him. C-3PO meets R2-D2. Senator Palpatine of Naboo approaches his Queen, and places his hand on Anakin's shoulder, looks down at the boy, and grins . . . .




* Star Wars, Episode I: Knights Of The Republic is set 32 years before Episode IV: A New Hope. It is before the dark times, before the Empire, the audience is shown a time of relative galactic peace and harmony, administered by the Old Republic, and policed by the Jedi Knights.

* Obi Wan Kenobi is depicted as a restless Jedi apprentice on the verge of full knighthood in the first Episode of the new trilogy, but his demeanor will change from thirst for adventure, to a more serious tone as the trilogy enfolds. He is rougish, along the lines of Han Solo in the classic trilogy. He has a blue lightsaber.

* Anakin is seen as the 'innocent' type character - similar to Luke Skywalker in Episode IV. We see his natural piloting skills, through the Pod race and his flying of the yellow Z-1 fighter. Seeds of his fall begin, as his anger is great at the loss of his mother, and his dislike for the Jedi, although his friendship with Obi Wan dims that for now.

* Qui-Gon Jinn is the centre of the movie, similar to what Obi Wan was in Episode IV. Through him, more information on the Force is explained. Although a stong Jedi in the light side, however, he does have a shade of grey perspective on the Force. He is respected by his younger Knights, and is looked upon as a 'leader of the troops'.

* Palpatine. His political maneavering is apparent in the Senate, as with his Dark Side ability, when it is revealed that he is the Dark Sith Lord, Darth Sidious. His diabolical schemes include the war with his own planet, Naboo. His goal here is to distablise the Senate and the Republic as Naboo is the symbolic heart of the Republic - a founding member. He is also seeding the plans for a massive evil cloned army. See below.

* The genesis of the Clone Wars will be seen in the first Episode in two ways. Darth Sidious, later revealed to be Palpatine, has vested interest in the Slave Quarters, as a means of a ready population source to clone, and he instigates the attack on Naboo for their Cloning technology.

* The Millenium Falcon will be seen in the film, but as it's original new form, and won't be seen as quite the 'hunk of junk' that it is seen to be in Episode IV. It is the Jedi's ship. The exterior will be more smoother, with less plates - a more 'polished finish'. The guns will be different, as what they were seen in Episode IV was added by Han Solo.

* Overall, Episode I is very similar to Episode IV, when comparing it to the current trilogy. Basically, this movie introduces the characters and the family structures, plus more in depth knowledge of the Force. Although the movie is high on adventure, and the audience will get a high when leaving the cinema, the feeling of worse things to come is shown by the rising of Palpatine, and the last scene, where he sees the potential and anger in Anakin Skywalker.



Young Kenobi grew up admiring the nobel Jedi and, especially, the elite Council of the Jedi Knights, led by Yoda and other Jedi Masters. However, none of the Jedi Masters believed Kenobi was ready for the rigors of Jedi training until he had proven himself. Eager to become a Jedi as soon as possible, Kenobi enlisted with the Republic Naval Academy as soon as he could.

At the academy, Kenobi proved to be a brilliant student with a keen eye for military strategy. After completing his training at the academy and after graduating with high honors, Kenobi was commissioned as a captain in the navy.

Meanwhile, a large contingent of Mandalorian super commandos attacked the remote world of Tatooine and enslaved the native population. The Mandalorian turned Tatooine into a slave planet. During this attack, the Mandalorian killed the entire Skywalker family except for young Anakin and his mother.

Palpatine balked at the rejection given to him by the Jedi: Why would the most charismatic and talented junior member of the Republic Senate enlist with the lowly Republic Navy to prove himself worthy to a bunch of stuffy and arrogant light-sabre-wielding old men? Palpatine had already taught himself a great deal about the ways of the Force. All he needed now was the help of a dark Jedi Master to complete his training.

Upon learning that the Mandalorian had enslaved Tatooine, the Republic summoned the Jedi to oust the Mandalorian from this area of the Republic. With each new attack on the Republic, the Mandalorian became bolder and bolder. Kenobi volunteered to join the Republic strike force that would help the Jedi free Tatooine. In a spectacular battle, the Jedi and the Republic forces defeated the Mandalorian at the Battle of Tatooine. While searching the various slave quarters for survivors, Kenobi felt the presence of a Force flow that was even more powerful than the Force flows resonating from the great Jedi Masters. The Force flow was emanating from Young Anakin, who was hiding with his mother in a corner of the slave quarter. Kenobi befriended the young, frightened boy and his mother and took both of them back with him to one of the Republic bases. Kenobi and Anakin's mother would eventually fall in love.

The corrupt and slothful nature of the Republic's ruling elite and its bureacracy irritated Palpatine. Palpatine constantly argued in the Senate that the Republic was foolish for relying so heavily on the Jedi for protection. Palpatine wanted the Republic to invest heavily in a large naval fleet. However, since the Jedi had successfully protected the Republic for over 1,000 generations, the majority of the Senate thought Palpatine was a zealous lunatic.

During missions to Eol Sha, Dantooine and Coruscant, Kenobi quickly proved to be one of the Republic's greatest star pilots. At Yoda's insistence, the Jedi Council invited Kenobi to participate in Jedi training under Yoda's tutelage. At Yoda's Jedi Academy, Kenobi arrived with Anakin and Anakin became fascinated with the powers of the Force.

The Mandalorian continued to be a great thorn in the Republic's side by disrupting Republic trade routes and by raiding and pirating Republic star systems. The Senate refused to act on the pleas of Palpatine and his supporters that the Republic must declare an all-out war on the Mandalorian. Palpatine realized that the incompetent and fatted leaders of the Republic did not have the courage to return the Republic to the zenith of its glory days. Something had to be done to save the Republic from its ruling elite and Palpatine firmly believed it was his destiny to one day rule the Republic. Palpatine sensed that one of the keys to achieving his objectives was a mastery of the darkside of the Force.

Jedi training is both slow and laborious, but this was still the greatest moment of Kenobi's life. He would seize this opportunity and become a great Jedi Master no matter how much training he would have to endure. Yoda was amazed that Anakin had the strongest Force flow that he had ever felt. The Jedi would have to protect this boy from the darkside.

By ordering his forces to destroy an unarmed Republic science-research space station, Palpatine framed the Mandalorian and hoped this incident would spark a galactic-wide war. However, the leaders of the Republic were too frightened by the prospects of yet another galactic war. Instead, the Republic sent ambassadors to the Mandalorian home world to seek a negotiated peace. Palpatine plotted to sabotage these negotiations . . .

While the peace talks were underway and making progress, Palpatine hired a group of nefarious, renegade mercenaries to assassinate both the Republic and Mandalorian ambassadors. The mercenaries succeeded in killing both-sides ambassadors. The Mandalorian leaders were outraged by the Republic's apparent deceit; likewise, the Republic leaders were outraged. Fighting broke out between the Mandalorian and the Republic forces in the Mandalorian star system.

Desperate to avoid another galactic-wide war, the Jedi (with Kenobi) arrived to settle the conflict. The Jedi managed to bring a truce until the assassinations could be investigated by the Jedi. During the investigation, Kenobi stumbled across information linking Palpatine to the assassinations. Palpatine denied these allegations and scoffed that the Jedi were seeking to frame him. Secretly, Palpatine ordered his agents to kill anyone who could link him to the assassinations. By applying the skills that Kenobi learned from Yoda, Kenobi was able to thwart Palpatine's agents' attempts to have him killed.

No longer able to trust the Republic, the Mandalorian declared war on the Republic and sought out other star systems to join their alliance. The Jedi were sworn to protect the Republic and its throne at all costs. The galaxy splintered into many factions and the next galactic war was underway . . .

With tremendous hatred and total impatience, Palpatine quickly mastered the darkside of the Force under the teachings of an evil dark Jedi's tutelage. The dark Jedi told Palpatine that it was Palpatine's destiny to crush the Jedi and to rule the galaxy as its sole dictator. Palpatine returned to the Senate and kept his mastery of the darkside a secret from all his friends, allies and peers. Lusting for more and more power, Palpatine used dark Jedi mind tricks to win over the weak-minded members of the Senate. The elite rulers of the Republic were stunned and confounded by Palpatine's unprecedented surge in popularity.

In great battles, hundreds of Jedi and Republic troops fought against hundreds of the Mandalorian super commandos and their mysterious allies. Each side suffered tremendous losses.

The Republic scientists made a breakthrough in cloning technology. For the first time, sentient life forms could be safely cloned. The leaders of the Republic were torn on how to morally utilize this great technology. Palpatine argued for the mass replication of troops to bring a swift end to the war. However, the Jedi firmly refused to permit any cloning of sentient life forms. In a very narrow vote, the Senate permanently banned the use of cloning as a military weapon and made arrangements to permanently hide this dangerous, new technology.

Palpatine and his followers were outraged because the Republic was foolish enough to place mere morality ahead of a certain and swift victory. Palpatine could take no more. He ordered his agents to secretly copy the blueprints to this new cloning technology by any means necessary. Under the advice of the evil dark Jedi, Palpatine chose to mass clone dark Jedi and troops to create a massive army to eventually oppose his adversaries. It would take years for Palpatine's plan to be completed, but he could afford to wait. The dark Jedi could foresee that the Jedi would defeat the Mandalorians; however, the Jedi would be so weakened and so absent from much of the Republic during the war that Palpatine would be able to successfully complete his evil plan to seize control of the Senate, then the Republic and. eventually, the entire galaxy.

Feverishly, at a giant asteroid base, the Mandalorian scientists were trying to perfect a new technology to provide the Mandalorian with the military advantage they so desperately needed. Knowing that if the Mandalorian perfected this devastating technology, the Mandalorian would be at a tremendous military advantage, the Jedi and the Republic amassed a large armada to destroy this large asteroid base. In the largest battle of the war so far, Kenobi helped lead thousands of star fighters and cruisers to victory. The asteroid was imploded and miles and miles of star fighter and cruiser debris floated around what remained of the shell that was once an incredibly large asteroid base. This was a stunning defeat for the Mandalorian, but the war was not over. It would drag on for years. Back on the Republic home world, Kenobi and the other Jedi and Republic warriors were rewarded for their valor.

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