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Episode I Storyline (

Episode I Storyline

Note from YodaJeff: I realize that Episode I has come and gone by now, but it's still interesting to see what others thought would happen. Enjoy!
The Mandalorians, intent on gaining galactic supremacy, sweep through the outer and middle reaches of the galaxy. One of the first systems to fall is the G1 and G2 system. One of its planets Tatooine is the home of a young Anakin Skywalker. At the age of nine, Anakin is undisciplined with the force. The assault on his homeworld sweeps through and kills his parents. Anakin is enslaved on Tatooine, which the Mandalorians turn into a prison colony. Another native of Tatooine, Obi-Wan Kenobi, in his last stages of Jedi training under the study of Jedi master Yoda, senses a tremor in the force and rushes to his homeworld. Obi Wan rescues Anakin and is amazed as the young boy pilots the escape craft himself. Obi Wan, feeling for Anakin's plight and sensing his strength in the force, takes him under his tutelage. In the heart of the Republic, the Jedis assemble. The Senate is in a state of chaos having to deal both with the Mandalorian threat, an unresponsive bureaucracy, and a fearful, outraged citizenry. The Jedis, under the leadership of Bail Organa, suffer great losses in their first conflict with the Mandalorians. The Republic discovers that the Mandalorians have developed a cloning technology that allows them to replicate the Jedis and themselves. The Republic and the Jedi Knights are eventually successful in repulsing the Mandalorians, and capturing their main cloning technology. Obi-Wan and Anakin return to a joyous and celebratory Coruscant. Obi-Wan returns to complete his final training with Yoda. Anakin begins to harness the force, and is introduced to the Republic Queen. However, the Republic has suffered irreparable damage, the Jedis have dwindled in number, and a low-profile senator begins calling for radical reforms, Senator Palpatine.
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