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Misc. References to Yoda (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

Misc. References to Yoda

American Library Association
READ poster. Given to elementary schools. Depicts Yoda with a book and the caption "Read and the Force is with you." View the Poster

Atlanta Constitution - March 30, 1997
Contains an editorial cartoon by Mike Luckovich. Alan Greenspan, depicted as Yoda, is surrounded by Vader, Luke and Threepio. Caption says "Things are going too well. I may have to raise interest rates..." Titled "Return of the Jaded." View the cartoon

Boondocks comic strip - May 13-20, 2001
All of the daily strips deal with Huey & Riley in line for TPM, where they meet a recurring character known as the "Psycho Star Wars Guy": a bearded, 20-something white male with an Obi-Wan hood and a t-shirt reading "Yoda is God."

Curse of Monkey Island
When you talk to the Lost Welshman, Guybrush will say: "I'm not afraid." Followed by the Welshman saying, "You will be, You will be." And the second time he says "You will be", it sounds a lot like Yoda.

Final Fantasy IX
Before you fought the last guy, there is a bit of story-telling, and part of it reads: "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering"

Liberty Meadows comic strip - April 11, 1999
This comic strip ran a comic with Star Wars references. On some comic strips, the artist adds a voluntary title frame, and some newspapers run them and others don't. Yoda was in the title frame playing a clarinet, and Oola was dancing behind him. The comic itself was funny, but didn't mention Yoda at all. View the frame here.

Los Angeles Times - January 17, 1999
Yoda appears on the cover of the calendar section. View the cover here.

Lunar: Silver Star Story
Townsperson/NPC gives the Yoda speech from Episode I.

NHL 2001
The announcer made this reference (he was speaking of either Sergei Gonchar or Adam Oates of the Washington Capitals): "He's hockey's answer to Yoda. He sees all. He knows all. He lets the Force guide him when it comes to making passes."

Star Gladiators
This is a fighting game where a few of the characters are a lot like Star Wars characters. There is a tall (but in a way cute) furry guy called Gamof, who is OBVIOUSLY inspired on Chewbacca. You can't help but remember Yoda when playing Gore, a short (but very powerful... telekinetic stuff!) character with a big head and long ears that stick oout to the sides and droop a bit. JUST like yoda. More importantly, Hayato has a lightsabre. He is himself nothing like Luke, but the lightsabre is a lightsabre, even the way it is turned on and the way it sounds... It's blue, and the major bad guy has a red one, like Vader's! (Though, again, he himself looks nothing like Vader). And, interestingly, the full title is "Star Gladiator, Episode 1, Final Crusade", even though it was released a couple years BEFORE The Phantom Menace, but the Episode notation of the Original Trilogy already existed, of course. Funny thing is, after 3 or 4 years no sequels came out for this game.

Top Gear Rally - Nintendo 64
In the ending credits, it thanks a bunch of of which is a person named "Yoda".

WipeOut XL - Playstation
One of the banners on a course reads "Do or do not."

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