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References to Yoda on TV (YodaJeff's Yoda Page)

References to Yoda on TV

America's Funniest Home Videos - TBS
A kid dressed up as Elvis/Yoda, fighting off bad guys with a Nerf lightsaber.

In one episode the Warners are sucked up into an alien space ship. When on board the ship they meet a green ET looking alien. When they see the alien they say "Hi Yoda! We're the Warners."

Buffy the Vampire Slayer series
In the episode "School Hard", Spike refers to another character as being "my Yoda".
In the fourth season premiere episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the character Xander quotes Yoda's "fear leads to anger..." speech while he's trying to boost Buffy's morale and convince her to not give in.

Caroline in the City
Richard gives some advice to Annie's brother, Pete, to which Pete says something like, "You are so wise! You're like a Yoda!"

In the first episode of Clerks, Dante is being sued by Jay, and Randall is Dante's lawyer. He is making a complete joke of the trial, and at one point he calls George Lucas to the stand:
Randall: State your name and latest movie.
Lucas: Uhh....George Lucas, and Star Wars: Episode One, The Phantom Menace.
Randall: And do you think The Phantom Menace was as good a movie as Empire?
Lucas: Why certainly....I think it's the best movie I've made to date.
Randall: [to judge] Permission to treat this witness as hostile. Mr. Lucas, how do you explain that when in Star Wars Obi-Wan told Luke that when he met him, his father was a great pilot, but in Menace he's just a little boy?
Lucas: W-well my kids thought....
Randall: And how come Obi-Wan tells Luke that Yoda is the Jedi that trained him, but in the movie, Liam Neeson trains Obi-Wan?
Lucas: Th-the Power of Myth....
Randall: Isn't it true that you knew this was a bad movie?! That you wrote it over a weekend, but kept tellin' people that it was done for years?
High Powered Lawyer: Objection your honor! The pod-race was pretty cool.
Randall: May I remind the court that your honor has never been in a George Lucas movie? And you were age-appropriate for the Liam Neeson role.
Judge: I'll allow it.
Randall: I want my eight bucks back!
Lucas hands him his money back.
Randall: Get him out of my sight! The defense now calls....Steven Spielberg.

Conan O'Brian - NBC
Yoda also was part of a Conan O'Brian skit in March. A bunch of actors in Star Wars costumes came out (I don't remember why).

Diagnosis Murder - FAM
In one episode, Amanda gets a dog named Yoda.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Reference to his new-born cousin as a "little black Yoda"

Futurama - FOX
The characters were visiting some kind of theme park called "Past-O-Rama" where they try to re-create what it would look like in the year 2000 something (as you may or may not know, Futurama is set in the year 3000). Anyway, as they are visiting this theme park, they come across an old movie theater and the marquee says "Star Wars 9 - Yoda's Bar Mitzvah".

Hangin' With Mr. Cooper - ABC
While doing Yoga, Vanessa shows Mark a breathing technique and when speaking she says "Oh ya do ya ohhhh..." When asked to repeat it, Mark says "Oh go Yoda! Yeah...."

Home Improvement - ABC
Tim says of an old tool that was handed down from generation to generation: "It's the Yoda of my tool bench."

The Jeff Corwin Experience - Animal Planet
Jeff was showing some type of small green frog and describing it. He said that it looked like a mini-Yoda and when the camera showed it, he made it say "Luke, you will go to Endor" in a Yoda voice.

Just Shoot Me - NBC
The old guy is talking and Dennis goes "Thanks for the tip, Yoda."
In another episode the following events transpired:
Finch: By the way, Robert Gouleh called.
Jack: Ohh, let me give you a piece of advice for the long road of life... Never buy a race horse with Robert Gouleh...
Finch: Oh, thank you, Yoda.

The Man Show - Comedy Central
On the July 16, 2001 show Jimmy compares his father to Yoda.

Men Behaving Badly - NBC
In one episode Jamie and Kevin kept refering to their relationship knowledged roomate as "Yoda".
4/16/97. Kevin invites an old man from the office to stay at their place while the old guy is fighting with his wife. When the old man turns out to be a beer-guzzling slob who can apparently read minds, Rob Schneider starts calling him "Yoda."
Rob Schneider: "I don't want some old guy staying around here!"
Old Guy: Hey guys, I brought some beer that scientifically stays cold so you don't have to get up to go the refrigerator".
Rob Schneider: "Yoda!!! I've found my master!"

MTV Movie Awards - MTV
On the MTV movie awards, there was a skit where the host (Lisa Kudrow) went in front of the Jedi Council to request permission to host the show. It showed some clips straight from the movie, including some Yoda ones. Her and Ki-Adi-Mundi also made fun of Yoda (in the skit) for talking weird and being so old.

Muppet Babies - CBS
In the episode where Rolf was getting a bath, the Muppet Babies do a Star Trek skit. However, the transporters break and he beams in Kermit Skyhopper, Gon Zolo and so on. View Animal dressed up like Yoda

Mystery Science Theater 3000
"Pod People" - An alien, looking like a retarded ALF clone uses his esp abilities to play with toys in a boys room (Ala ET). He plays with a robot that begins to spark, later the boy comes back into his room and looks at the robot and complains, "Theres a lot of carbon scoring on my droid!!". Also, there was a cave in the film similar to Yoda's and Tom Servo said "Luke. Use the Force, Luke." in a great Yoda impression.

Dwight says to his wrestling coach, "Wait, you're about to meet a girl for a quickie in the middle of a wrestling ring. What makes you the Yoda of love?"

The police say "I'm a friend of Yodas" to get into a dope house. (November 6, 2001)

Pop-Up Video - VH-1
"Dancing on the Ceiling" video by Lionel Richie. During a discussion of a "glass ceiling" (an invisible barrier in your career that prevents you from advancing up the ladder) they give the tip "get multiple mentors." Yoda's picture is flashed for a moment.

Real World-Miami - MTV
A woman said the dog "Leroy" "looks like Yoda"

Mainframe Entertainment, who made the shows ReBoot and Beast Wars, made two 2-hour ReBoot specials. On the latest one, "My Two Bobs", there were many Star Wars references.
The character Matrix morphs into Darth Vader during a game, and the young Enzo morphs into "Mannequin" Skywalker. There is also a podracing spoof made, and the character Phong morphs into a can of Yogurt and starts talking like Yoda.

Saturday Night Live - NBC
Another notable parody was Smokey and the Bandit: Special Edition. Norm Macdonald does his funny impression of Burt Reynolds as usual. Yoda makes an appearance as a truck driver. 10-4 good buddy!
Later on Jimmy Fallon sings a variety of Star Wars influenced songs including Living La Vida Yoda

The Simpsons - FOX
[Episode: I married Marge]
Homer & Marge come out of Empire Strikes Back.
Homer: Wow, what an ending! Who would have thought Darth Vader was Luke Skywalker's father!
Crowd: [waiting in line to see the movie] Oh thank you Mister, Blow the picture for me.
Homer: "Marge, you're as beautiful as Princess Leia and as smart as Yoda."
[Episode: Halloween Special XII]
Yoda makes a guest appearance as the priest who married the Leprechan and the Gypsy. (November 6, 2001)

So Graham Norton
One of Graham's guests was Carrie Fisher. I actually missed that show but on his DVD 'The Best Of So Graham Norton' as Carrie is walking down the stairs during the title sequence a voice mimicking Yoda says "The force is strong in you."

Street Cents - CBC (Canada)
A guy asked a question about Star Wars action figures and they did a skit that takes place while Luke was supposedly doing his training with Yoda:
Yoda: Did you use the Force?
Luke: Yeah, but they just kicked me out for pushing and shoving.

Suddenly Susan - NBC
4/10/97. Todd was trying to make his 30 something year old friend, Jerry, who still acted like a 12 year old sci-fi freak, grow up. Todd's foreign co-worker talked to Jerry:
Foreign Co-Worker: "When Luke Skywalker went to train with Yoda, did Han or Leia come along?"
Jerry: "NO! That was heroes work!"
Foreign Co-Worker: "Well, Todd is trying to be a Jedi Knight, and, he needs to leave his friends behind for this one."

Tonight Show with Jay Leno - NBC
April 16, 1999 on NBC - John Lithgow impersonated Yoda.
June 15, 1999 - Upon putting foil in the microwave, Jay's parents said "Remember to remove the foil." Then Yoda said "remove the foil."
March 2000 - Jay gave a child guest a Yoda made of Legos.

Tuff Enuff - MTV
Late in the series the remaining wrestler-wanna-bes made up their own board game. One of the tokens they used was a Yoda Pez dispenser.

Undergrads - MTV
July 22, 2001 - Nitz has Star Wars related discussion groups going in this episode - including:
Does Yoda sound like Grover or Miss Piggy?

WCW Monday Nitro - TNT
April 19, 1999: Someone in the audience held up a sign that said "Yoda 3:16"

Weird Science - Sci-Fi
In one episode the genie goes to a genie master who looks a lot like Yoda. The only difference is that he's blue and has a pig nose. The whole scene is a spoof of Luke's training on Dagobah.

On a Christmas episode, it shows a living room with a old man sitting on a couch. A man is walking back in forth trying to make the old man leave because he wants to have Christmas by himself with Helen. Brian walks in and talks to his brother, then he looks at the old man on the couch and says, "What is Yoda doing here?"

You Can't Do That On Television - Nickelodeon
Doug asks a genie to make him look like a "movie star." Poof, he turns into Yoda!


Austin Powers 2
In one of the many Austin Powers 2 commercials, the narrator says "Yoda this!" as Austin throws "Mini Me." Yoda (Mini Me) gets his revenge though!

In the first Episode I Pepsi commercial with the alien (Marfalump), he closes his door, and he has a Yoda doorknob.
In the second one, he holds the gold Yoda can and says "Go you must" in a Yoda impression.
In the third one, he has a Yoda on his dashboard that looks like his doorknob.

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