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Recent Collectibles News:

Tsuneo Sanda - Tsunami Yoda print (August 23, 2013)
New art print (or t-shirt) available for pre-order, with proceeds going to a Japanese tsunami charity. {full story}

Sideshow Collectibles - New 1/6 Scale Yoda figurine (January 13, 2013)
Sideshow Collectibles is releasing a new Yoda figurine based on his appearance in Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. {full story}

Sideshow Collectibles - Yoda and Clone Trooper (July 22, 2009)
Sideshow Collectibles has released a preview of their upcoming Yoda and Clone Trooper Premium Format Figure. {full story}

Yoda USB Flash Drive Pre-Order (June 25, 2009)
Funko is expanding their line of Star Wars products beyond bobble head with the introduction of USB flash drives. {full story}

"Mashter Yoda" Mr. Potato Head coming in October (June 23, 2009)
Coming this October... "Mashter Yoda" is one of three new Mr. Potato Head models exclusive to Disneyland and Disney World. {full story} - Rare Yoda Posters (June 23, 2009) has added an article detailing fourteen of the rarer Yoda posters that have been released over the years. {full story}

Sideshow Collectibles - Yoda vs Dooku pre-order (October 19, 2007)
Sideshow Collectibles is now taking pre-orders for the Duel with Dooku diorama, which features Yoda and Dooku's duel from Attack of the Clones. {full story}

Hasbro - Yoda and Kybuck figure appearing in stores (October 13, 2007)
The latest Yoda figure to join Hasbro's 30th Anniversary Collection line of figures - Yoda and Kybuck - has started to appear in stores. {full story}

Sideshow Collectibles previews Yoda vs Dooku diorama (October 13, 2007)
Sideshow Collectibles has posted a preview image of an upcoming "Duel with Dooku" diorama, which captures the Yoda vs Dooku lightsaber battle. {full story}

New Holiday Yoda collectibles at Target! (September 24, 2007)
Many Target stores have already started to restock their holiday shelves with Christmas merchandise! {full story}

Kotobukiya unveils Yoda vs Palpatine statue (September 5, 2007)
Kotobukiya is adding to their Star Wars line of snap-together statue kits with a new Yoda vs. Palpatine sculpture! {full story}

Comic Con Exclusive Yoda/Obi-Wan concept figure online! (August 1, 2007)
Hasbro Toy Shop currently has the Comic-Con Exclusive Yoda/Obi-Wan McQuarrie concept figure in stock! {full story}

Yoda wins the USPS Stamp Contest (May 26, 2007)
Last night, the USPS and Lucasfilm announced that the Yoda stamp beat out the 14 other stamps to win the online voting contest! {full story}

Celebration 4 - Yoda Exclusives (May 11, 2007)
Gentle Giant and Kotobukiya have announced new Yoda items that will be exclusive to Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles. {full story}

Target $1 Yoda item bonanza! (April 26, 2007)
Hurry down to your local Target store to find eight different new Yoda items for just $1 each! {full story}

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