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Jedi Power Battles

Posted: January 21, 2000
Category: Collectibles

The following comes from TheForce.Net. Visit their site for up-to-date Star Wars news.
A new insider checks in with some cool news from the inside, bringing tidings of the dark side from the gaming land of Lucas. The Sith Agent realizes ince LucasArts can't hire all of us for game development, we'll just have to settle for what we can get through messages like this:
The Jedi Power Battles game design team wanted to allow players to choose from a variety of Jedi Knights to play in the game. They made a request from LFL to be able to use, among other Jedi, Yoda.
They refused, saying that George has something special in mind for Yoda and how he engages in combat in Star Wars Episode II. Speculation, then? I think Yoda is going to either do some sort of special attack, like or the Jedi equivelent of the purple lightning the Emperor in Return of the Jedi used, or he does no Saber fighting or maybe even no fighting at all.
But the fact is LFL would not let LEC use Yoda in a Jedi battle game for some reason pertaining to his use Episode II. But they had no problem with Mace Windu, Ai-Kadi Mundi or Ploo Koon.
Hmmm ... a passive Yoda? I hope not! I want to see the little bugger wield a lightsaber! Thanks again to Sith Agent for the scoop, and look for more soon!

YodaJeff here, I can't wait until Episode II to see how Yoda fights. Only two and a half years left! Hopefully the Interactive Yoda will be out by then.

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