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Big Episode II Yoda spoilers

Posted: May 28, 2001
Category: Attack of the Clones

Thanks to TheForce.Net for this news:
This contains some mega-spoilers, so highlight below to read:
Here's a summary of the action he'll be involved in:
Lucas and McCallum weren't kidding when they said Yoda was the 'Master'. We'll finally get to see what they are aluding to, and on opening night, make sure you bring some pillows to put on the floor, so when your jaw drops, it doesn't break. In short, Yoda's arsenal knows no bounds. That's why he is head of the Jedi Council, and why Mace enjoys a distant second in the standings.
Let's begin with the setting, we're in the Geonosis Hanger and there is a crane that hangs from the roof. Yoda is intent on fighting with Dooku and wants to end him, right there and then. Obi-Wan and Anakin are both out of commission at the time, but they are safe for now. You see, Anakin is only semi-conscious at the time and Obi-Wan has been beaten soundly too. They are still recovering while Yoda does his stuff.
The SUPERBATTLEDROIDS guard Dooku's Solar Sailor in the hangar. Eight of them, or so, though unfortunately for them they do not get to participate in the battle. When Yoda arrives his presence alerts the Superbattledroids. All of them turn to fire, but before they can get off any shots, Yoda calmly raises his hand and the droids are sent hurtling into the far wall. It is almost like Yoda is either in Council mode or Battle mode. Obviously the latter is more draining and Dooku already realises it is a battle he can not win.
Yoda's first words to Count Dooku are compelling. No interest in contests, do I have. he says, the cool little Master. Dooku begins the attack by charging in and raining down blows. Yoda calmly stands there and defends without much effort until Dooku wears himself out! That's when we see the real master go to work ...
Yoda uses only one lightsaber, but he is lightening quick. And Yoda is at one point up on Dooku's shoulders! He's not there for very long, just enough to scare the stuffing out of Dooku. Yoda towels up Dooku and forces him into a corner. His lightsabre is sent reeling. Dooku is down for the Count! Yoda leaps onto his shoulders and utters the infamous line The end for you, Count, this is. Yoda raises his mini lightsabre and prepares to skewer the Sith Lord's head. ...not yet...
Mustering his strength, Dooku dislodges the Jedi Master and, using the force, brings one of the ceiling cranes crashing down on the fallen Jedi. In the blink of an eye Yoda is underneath the massive structure holding it up, concentrating, whilst in the background Tyranus kicks his Interstellar Solar Sailor into gear and escapes the rocky planet.
That crane never actually lands directly on Anakin and Obi-Wan, as Yoda, seeing that it is going to cause some serious damage if it does, flashes to the other side of the hangar to keep the crane from impacting. But that was the break that Dooku needs to high tail it outta there. Dooku's ship fires up and the Sith escapes before it hits the fan.
He grabs the controls of the vessel and survives to fight another day.
Here's some of the exact details from the end of scene 161 of the movie, as we near the dramatic conclusion of Episode II:
YODA closes his eyes and concentrates. ANAKIN is unconcious, and OBI-WAN tries to get out from under the crane. The fallen crane trembles and starts to lift. Behind it, the sound of the Sail Ships's engines are heard starting up.
YODA concentrates harder. Slowly, the crane rises. The SOUND OF THE ENGINES increases. YODA exerts every acrap of his powers. The crane lifts clear of ANAKIN and is thrown to the ground.
DOOKU'S Sail Ship takes off. OBI-WAN and ANAKIN struggle to the exhausted YODA, but it is too late. The Sail Ship rises into the air and flies away.
Keep in mind that the script's sequence of events would not be nearly as detailed as storyboards for the scene, and that ILM most definitely has their work cut out for them if this scene is to be realized.



Can't highlight spoilers? View this page with the spoilers here.

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