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More on "Clone War" trailer

Posted: March 7, 2002
Category: Attack of the Clones

The trailer will be shown in the US on the FOX network on Sunday, March 10, 2002. It will be shown between Malcom in the Middle and X-Files (approx. 9:00 PM).

Shortly thereafter, the Official Star Wars site will have it available for download.

TheForce.Net posted a shot-by-shot description of the trailer. View that report here. Here's everything that includes Yoda:
(highlight for spoilers)
- Fade to daylight shot of Coruscant, various cuts to inside shot of Palpatine's conference room with Mace Windu, Yoda, Ki Adi Mundi, Padme, Dorme, Orn Free Taa
- Cut to Mace, Obi Wan and Yoda in floating chair walking down a hallway on Coruscant.
- Cut to Yoda, Mace, Ki Adi in Palpatine's chamber
- Yoda "The dark side clouds everything,"
- Yoda points toward someone, dialogue cont'd "in grave danger you are."
- Cut to Yoda seated, "Begun, this clone war has." (Darth Vader breathing heard in background.)

(end spoilers)

Just two days left...



Can't highlight spoilers? View this page with the spoilers here.

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