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Carded Episode II Yoda figure images

Posted: March 29, 2002
Category: Collectibles

Hasbro has updated their Star Wars page with a few new images of Episode II figures. There is one picture of the Yoda figure loose, and another small picture of the Yoda figure in its package. The carded figure image may contain a spoiler as (highlight for spoilers) the image on the front of the card shows Yoda with a lightsaber (stop highlighting). The front of the package shows a picture of Yoda and says "Yoda Jedi Master". It looks like the sticker on the bubble says "with Force Action!", although I'm not positive due to the small size of the image. Your guess is as good as mine as to what that base is supposed to be. I guess we'll have to wait until May to find out.

There also are rumors circulating that the Yoda figure is one of the figures that will be released April 23 (the first day that Episode II merchandise is allowed to be released).

Carded figure (contains spoiler)
Loose figure (no spoiler)



Can't highlight spoilers? View this page with the spoilers here.

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