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Samuel L. Jackson mentions Yoda

Posted: April 14, 2002
Category: People

Mr. Jackson appeared on Conan the other night. Among other things, he mentioned Mace Windu in Episode 3. Since this clearly is a joke, there is no reason to consider this a spoiler.

Sam: "My only request to George is, I don't want to go out like some punk. I think it should be someone, and there's only one person in my mind, who's bad enough to take me down."
Conan: "(Laugh)Ya, you don't want them to find you in the bathroom where you slipped and hit your head. Oh no, he died of a concussion!"
Sam: "(Laugh) I fall and hit my head on something in the council chamber. You know, I don't want to get lightsabered in the back by some extra"
Conan: "You don't want to fall in the battle and die"
Sam: "Ya, I trip over Yoda"
Conan: "Well, you're going to have to get your agent working on that for you"
Sam: "I'm working on it myself, every day"

Thanks to for this news.

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