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New Yoda figures released

Posted: April 26, 2003
Category: Collectibles

Since the last update, a few Yoda toys have been released, and a few more are on the way.

First off, the regular figure that is on shelves already. It's pretty much a re-make of the Phantom Menace Yoda figure. It comes with his Jedi Council chair, and a lightsaber. You can see an image of it here.

Also, the deluxe Yoda figure, which comes with a Super Battle Droid, has been released and has shown up in some stores. See an image here.

The last new Yoda toy which has been released is a electronic Yoda lightsaber toy. It isn't made to scale, and is nearly twice the size of the correctly-proportioned Master Replicas replica. However, it still is a decent toy. See a picture of it here.

One of the new figures that will be released is a 12 inch scale Yoda (which means he'll be around 4 inches tall. The figure will come with a lightsaber, his Jedi Council Chair, gimer stick, a Force lightning effect, and a Jedi training screen. See this site for more information and for images.

Another new figure that will be released is a "Clone Wars" Yoda figure. This figure is decked out in a funky vest, and almost looks like a "Rambo-Yoda" figure. It comes with a lightsaber and hoverchair. See an image of it here.

The final new Yoda figure comes with Chian, one of the Jedi Younglings seen in Attack of the Clones. The two-pack will come with two lightsabers, a helmet for the Youngling, and more. See more information and a picture here.

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