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Recent The Phantom Menace News:

Where to find Yoda on the Episode I DVD (October 17, 2001)
Includes where and when to find Yoda in the special features on the Phantom Menace DVD {full story}

More on the Phantom Menace DVD (October 11, 2001)
Information on a Yoda blooper hidden on the Phantom Menace DVD. {full story}

Yoda on the Phantom Menace DVD (October 4, 2001)
Contains some spoilers, so be wary. {full story}

The Phantom Menace to be released on DVD (June 18, 2001)
After originally planning to wait until the prequels are finished to release Star Wars DVDs, LucasFilm has changed their mind, at least with The Phantom Menace. {full story}

Episode I on video (January 14, 2000)
Contains worldwide release dates for The Phantom Menace on VHS. {full story}

Important Lightsaber News (October 31, 1999)
"Lucas never authorized Yoda to have a lightsaber" in the Episode I visual dictionary. See the full story for more information. {full story}

Pepsi's Role in Episode I (May 31, 1999)
This is an archive of old Episode I Pepsi Yoda collectibles news from when this site was founded until June 1999. {full story}

Episode I Merchandise (May 31, 1999)
This is an archive of old Phantom Menace Yoda collectibles news from when this site was founded until June 1999. {full story}

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