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Where to find Yoda on the Episode I DVD

Posted: October 17, 2001
Category: The Phantom Menace

I just finished watching the Phantom Menace DVD and all the extras, and there are a few spots that you can catch some Yoda extras. First off, I viewed the credits for the Spanish version of the film, and the guy who did Yoda's voice in the Spanish dubbed Phantom Menace is Arturo Mercado. Now, here's where to find Yoda:
Disc 1:
Title 03 - Chapter 01
DVD Credits
During these credits, outtakes from the film are shown. One of these is Frank Oz / Yoda messing up the "Always two there are" line.
Disc 2:
Title 01 - Chapter 02 - About 24 minutes into it
The Beginning documentary
Here, we see guys at the creature effects shop working on an animatronic head to the Yoda puppet.
Title 01 - Chapter 03 - About 49 minutes into it
The Beginning documentary
We see Frank Oz operating the Yoda puppet for one of the final scenes with Yoda and Obi-Wan.
Title 12 - Chapter 01 - About 3 minutes into it
Web Documentary: "This is a Creature Film"
The creature department gives Stuart Freeborn a Yoda bust. For those who don't know, Mr. Freeborn designed the original Yoda puppet for Empire Strikes Back
Title 13 - Chapter 01 - Within the first minute
Web Documentary: "Prime of the Jedi"
Here, we see a concept art image with Yoda and Luke on Dagobah
Title 34 - Chapter 01
"Story" featurette Even a great Jedi Master needs make-up once and a while.

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