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Yoda Fan Fiction (

Yoda Fan Fiction

Star Wars: Episode I A possible Episode I storyline.
Star Wars: Episode II A possible Episode II storyline.
Star Wars: Episode III A possible Episode III storyline.
Story Line for Episode I One of many Episode I storylines.
Possible Episode I Plots A script-like plot for Episode I.
New Odd Couple: Beeker and Yoda Beeker from Muppet Babies meets Yoda.
The Fall of the Republic: Star Wars Episode III A possible rough Episode 3 script.
Gnome is where the Swine is A Yoda and Miss Piggy Story.
Star War-ners A Story where Yoda trains the Animaniacs.
A Dark Lord's Recollection A story with the ghosts of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Anakin.
Yoda at McDonalds A play with Yoda going to McDonalds.
Wise Man Wipeout: Yoda vs. Moses Yoda takes on Moses in a great fight.
The New Kid at School An original story of Yoda going to school by YodaJeff.

Fan Fiction with Mature Language
from The Funny Yoda club is located here

If you want to use these stories on your page, please e-mail the writers for their permission.
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